All I Really Want SH Footage

Watch as Steven Curtis Chapman plays a Christmas song about children and their need for families. Every child deserves to grow up knowing the extraordinary love of a family; however, the reality is that millions of children are abandoned and alone.

Join Show Hope in the movement to restore hope of a family to orphans in distress. By giving or becoming a sponsor, you will be able to see the impact your donations have on the lives of children who desperately need medical care as well as the love of a family. Visit to learn more about how God is using our organization to show the world's waiting children that they are not forgotten. Join us today!

Founded by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth, Show Hope is a nonprofit organization that is helping to make a difference for the millions of orphans and waiting children around the world. Show Hope does this through Adoption Aid financial grants that help give orphans families and Special Care Centers in China that help orphans with special needs. Through its programs like Advocates, Student Initiatives, and Sponsorship, Show Hope is mobilizing a movement of individuals and communities who show hope to children in need.

Claire Cochran
almost 3 years agoDecember 6, 2018
Thank you for what you are doing. God bless you.
Believe it or not, at 70 years old, the heartache of the world of adoption was just opened to me this year. If I were younger or had money to spare.... but what I can do is share awareness. 
If you have an ongoing series if videos and/or emails, I will share through social media.  Please feel free to email me at  Blessing for a Merry Christmas.
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